Multiple reports of shooting vandalisms in Caprock area

Multiple reports of shooting vandalisms in Caprock area

Amarillo, TX -  APD continues to see vandals in one part of Amarillo.

Multiple reports of windows being shot out in neighborhoods around Caprock have officers asking for the public to report even the smallest detail they may have.

Glass on the road and in vehicles has not become an unfamiliar sight the past few weeks in neighborhoods around Caprock.

Parked car windows are being shot out with BB and pellet guns.

Victims say for the most part, shootings are happening at night when they are asleep.

"We find time after time these people will be driving up and down streets just looking for targets randomly and if you see someone that's driving up and down the street in the middle of the night repeatedly and not obviously going somewhere, if they look like they're prowling and up to no good, then that might be somebody we would like to find out about," says Sgt. Brent Barbee.

With limited details on what those doing this look like or drive, officers are still looking for a suspect or suspects in these incidents and there is an issue. Many who have experienced this are not reporting it.

"We remind everybody it's really important to make a report if that's happened to your vehicle. It may or may not be necessary as part of your insurance and it may or may not give us enough information to solve the crime, but it's very important for us to know where these things are happening so that we can plan for and react to this type of criminal activity," says Barbee.

Another concern...Barbee tells us these people tend to shift areas of town in which they target. But Barbee says in the past, there has been one tool that has worked best...the eyes in Amarillo.

"we really depend a lot on the public helping us find these people."

If caught, those shooting can face a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief and vandalism. The amount of penalty they face depends on the damage done.