Stranded by storm, Farwell mother gives birth

Stranded by storm, Farwell mother gives birth

Farwell, TX - Many residents in Farwell were stranded over the weekend, and one of them, Elizabeth Ramirez, was ready to give birth.

"I didn't know what to do," said Ramirez. "I was waiting for someone to help me."

Dulce Maria, or Sweet Mary, was born on Monday on the kitchen floor of her home -- healthy and beautiful. Ramirez says it's all thanks to her Farwell police chief and two paramedics.

"The only thing that I did was hold her hand while she was going through the contractions and try to make her comfortable," said Farwell Police Chief Larry Kelsay.

Chief Kelsay says he spent the weekend pulling cars from snowdrifts, helping people find shelter and dealing with damaged caused by the blizzards. Then, at about 1:00 a.m. Monday, Chief Kelsay received the call about Ramirez. With no hospital in town and roads shut down, Chief Kelsay called two paramedics.

"I found a route that I could actually get through with my pick up and I loaded everything I could think of up in my truck, then I started to head out to the house," said Paramedic Craig Giesbrecht.

"In the end, just due to pulling our resources and everybody working together, we were able to do a proper job at the house," said Paramedic Weldon Kube.

Ramirez says this blizzard will always be loving memory for her and her family, but also for the men who helped make it possible.

"It's probably the happiest call I've ever been on," said Giesbrecht. "Everything's good, nobody was sick, you have a healthy new born."

"I'm just thankful that Weldon Kube and Craig Giesbrecht showed up because I would have been in trouble," said Chief Kelsay.

Ramirez and Dulce Maria have their first doctors appointment on Wednesday, but both are healthy and doing well.