Several trailer park tenants without heat during snow storm

Several trailer park tenants without heat during snow storm

AMARILLO, TX -  Several residents at Westwind Trailer Park are questioning whether their gas heating will ever be turned back on.

Last Wednesday, Atmos Energy discovered an underground gas leak affecting 20 units on the property.

The property's maintenance workers turned those pipes off before the leak could endanger the residents.

It's been almost a week, and that heat still has not been turned back on.

Resident Manger Sue Morrison said she's doing all she can, but this is no problem that can be fixed overnight.

"If there was anything we could start today, we would," said Morrison. "But it's under the surface, the ground will have to be dug up and new pipes installed."

Atmos must re-engineer the piping system and tell the plumbers what kinds of piping to use based on how much gas is needed.

That report from Atmos is what Morrison and her plumbers are waiting on before they can take the next step.

Morrison's home was not affected by the gas leak, and has invited the residents in need to come to her house and use her amenities.

But several residents do not think the trailer park management is doing enough to help them.

Alfred Allison is a resident whose heat was turned off.

He is on life support and in line for a heart transplant. He said the cold weather is hard on him, but even harder on the older tenants.

Allison said he called Adult Protective Services, and they delivered several electric heaters to help warm up the residents.

"They are not warm by any means," said Allison of the trailers using the electric heaters. "But [the heaters] are keeping them from freezing to death or catching pneumonia."

He said the trailer park is not giving them any breaks on their bills, and expects a very high electric bill because of the need to use the space heaters.

Another resident said she was never told about the gas leak, and she assumed the gas was turned off for a routine check.

That is, until it never came back on.

Neither Morrison, her plumbers, nor Atmos have an estimate of when the gas will be turned back on.

Projects like this usually take several months of planning, and they all say they are working together to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Until then, residents will have to wait.