Clovis snowed in

Clovis snowed in

Clovis, NM -  Blue skies were seen over Clovis Monday morning, but this weekend's holiday blizzard still has a hold on the area.

"We still have a lot of challenges in the roads," said Clovis City Manger Larry Fry. "Our public works department has been out since the storm began and have certainly got a lot of improvement to the road but it's still hazardous in some places."

So hazardous, that Xcel Energy could not send extra crews most of today to restore power to over thousands of Clovis residents.

"It's just important that people have some patience. Xcel Energy is working on that at this time," said Fry.

The blizzard brought over 9 inches of snow to Clovis, with drifts as high as houses. In fact, the drifts are so high that drivers were getting stuck and residents like Ashley Dennie had trouble getting out of their homes.

"When we would open our front door it was nothing by snow, so we had to kick out that snow," said Dennie.

Dennie says waking up to these conditions made her and her family feel buried alive.

"I was scared, because I've never seen any weather like this in my life," said Dennie. "And I have two small children so I was worried."

Emergency Management crews continue to clear the snow in the city and while the roads are looking better, slick roads will be a problem throughout the night. 

Fry anticipates the roads to be much better on Tuesday. All Clovis city offices will also be open.