Good Samaritans step in to help people stranded in snow

Good Samaritans step in to help people stranded in snow

Amarillo, TX -  With law enforcement handling wrecks and stuck vehicles all weekend, others stepped in to help.

While many chose to stay off the roads during the  blizzard, it was no surprise hundreds of cars and trucks around the panhandle became the responsibility of others.

The Department of Public Safety tells us it was fairly unusual seeing just 45 wrecks since the start of this weekend's blizzard. And APD has reported working 8 to 12 crashes.

They are citing such low numbers to road closures and people just staying home. But what was up...incidents of having to pull out stuck vehicles.

The Texas Highway Patrol, TxDOT, and even the National Guard were out.

"They're either able to be pushed out by a TxDOT vehicle or the National Guard might have been able to push them out, but if they were not able to push them out of the roadway, they would transport them to the closest city so they could have shelter and food and water," says Trooper Cindy Barkley with DPS.

But others stepped in to help.

"I got about 30 last night. It was just endless. We were just going after each other. People not even..people that were contacting us. We were just driving around and there was people stuck and we were right behind them as well doing what we could. Just for the community you know," say Arnold Robledo & Orlando Sevilla who helped get people out.

"I helped about 15-20 you know there's just so many and some of them were actually repeats, so it was just hectic everywhere," says Nathaniel Morales who also helped.

Many of these people were offering their services on websites, many charging to pull vehicles out. But not these guys.

"There were people trying to give us money. We just did it for the like I said for a little hug. For a little hug and a smile we'll do anything," says Robledo and Sevilla.

"I was not charging. It was more kind of fun to do it and some people actually gave me money you know so...but yeah, no charging. It's like same every year when it snows. People get out and get stuck so, it was just kind of nice to be nice to people," says Morales.

They also wanted to thank another good do-er Donnie Witt for his help, although his son is in ICU.

While the snow is melting, drivers are still urged to use caution.