Winter blizzard snows in family near Friona

Winter blizzard snows in family near Friona

Friona, TX - A family in one Panhandle town remains snowed in from this weekend's blizzard, but they're welcoming the moisture.

Dennis Slagle is a farmer living three miles north of Friona. Slagle's home is still surrounded by several inches of snow and drifts as high as 15 feet.

Slagle said he has been living in his house since 1974, and it's never seen a storm like this one. The snow piles prevented him and his wife from going to and from their home.

During the storm, the strong winds blew snow under his roof and damaged some sheet rock. Other than the roof and a few leaks inside the house, Slagle said the storm did not do much damage to his home.

Mayor Ricky White said this storm will probably be the storm of century for Friona with many areas receiving drifts 8 feet high. He said the city is already working on digging out people's cars and homes.

"Our public works employees are out doing an excellent job of trying to dig people out and get these roads cleaned off but it's slow going there is a lot of snow," White said.

White said they are still working to clear roads, homes, and cars, and he estimates it will be days before everything is clear.

Because Slagle's home is outside of the Friona city limits he will be removing the snow by himself. He plans to remove the snow around his house and roadways with his tractor and expects most of the snow to dissipate within the next few days.

Despite over a foot of snow, Slagle is staying positive. "Look forward to another one," Slagle said. "I do wish it would come without the wind because we could sure use the moisture in the fields."

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