Parking lot purse theft: crime prevention tips

Parking lot purse theft: crime prevention tips

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo Police Department say a suspect robbed a 72 year old woman on a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Reports say the victim was putting groceries into her car around 6:30pm Wednesday when a man approached her offering to help. When she said no, the man grabbed her purse from the shopping basket and ran east across the parking lot.

Officers say the suspect made off with the woman's personal identification, debit cards, credit cards and car keys.

No arrests have been made at this time, the suspect is described as a white man, 35 years old, wearing a hat, a dark jacket and dark pants.

Amarillo Crime Stoppers is asking for anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information to call at 374-4400.


  • Personal belongings can be stolen from shopping baskets, both inside and outside stores.
  • Keep your items secure or at least in sight and in reach. Consider locking them into the passenger area or trunk of the car. It doesn't take long for someone near you to grab your purse or items and be gone.
  • Strangers that approach you on a parking lot should be considered a safety concern.
  • Criminals might use tricks like asking for or offering help in an attempt to distract you or gain your trust long enough to steal from you.
  • Be alert and don't be fooled by offers or questions. If a stranger's approach seems suspicious, secure your belongings, get into your car and leave quickly.