Local disabled man gets new house for Christmas

Local disabled man gets new house for Christmas
Cedric Smith, Homeowner
Cedric Smith, Homeowner

AMARILLO, TX - Cedric Smith is bound to a motorized wheelchair.

He went to the city council in September, asking for their help to make his house handicap accessible.

After a unanimous vote, the city used federal and reserve funds to build Smith a brand new house.

James Allen, Community Development Administrator for the City of Amarillo, said after assessing Smith's house, he realized they would have to build an entirely new structure in order to accommodate his needs.

His goal was to have the new home ready for Smith to move in to by Christmas.

Smith moved in on the morning of Christmas Eve.

The total cost of the project, from demolition to the completion of the new house, was around $125,000.

Doors in the house are wider to accommodate Smith's wheel chair, and he can use a remote control to open and lock his doors.

The bathroom and bedroom contain new amenities that will make his daily routine much easier.

Issiah Carter, one of Smith's attendants, said after just one day in the house he can see how much happier Smith is.

"It seemed like it just felt like home to him," said Carter.

Arnett Homes, Inc., was the building company for this project, and completed everything in around 60 days.

Owner Arland Arnett said it would have been even faster had weather not been an issue.

Smith is very happy in his new home, and Allen hopes to help more people like Smith renovate their houses.