Code of conduct in place for council members

Code of conduct in place for council members

Amarillo, TX -  New rules have Amarillo City Council members on their best behavior.

During Monday's meeting, the council took another step to ensure they will work in-sync and they hope, rocky times will be a thing in the past.

"We sort of kind of assumed those things were already in place over the years that I've been involved, but I think it's important to define those and just take a look at things," said Amarillo Mayor, Paul Harpole.

The council voted unanimously to adopt a code of conduct for the council members to follow. The policies and procedures consist of how to conduct meetings in a respectful manner, each council member's responsibilities, and how to interact with the city manager.

"We each have needs and we each have desires to get issues out on the agenda," said Harpole. "It's just to get our job done more effectively."

The code of conduct was drafted by the interim city manager, Terry Childers. Childers says the rules are meant to establish a stronger relationship between the council members, especially after rocky times of dissent and disagreement.

"Just slight hostility in how things were coming together. The first couple weeks were pretty bad," said council member Mark Nair. "We're here as public servants and part of that duty, we need to be professional, courteous and respectful to not just the rest of the people on the council, but every single person that comes up and wants to talk to us."

Harpole says these 'respect' rules will help the council accomplish its five goals for the new year, which include working on downtown development, cleaning up parts of the city, and long-term planning for city infrastructure.

The new code of conduct will also apply to future council members.

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