UPDATE: Grass fire in Hutchinson County

UPDATE: Grass fire in Hutchinson County

UPDATE: 7:00 p.m. - Fire crews remain near Stinnett where a fire has burned through 22,000 acres.

It began Sunday evening around 7 p.m. Officials say the fire is now fully contained, and firefighters will continue to watch for new hot spots.

 A cause for the fire has not been officially determined. Investigators believe it could have been started from an electrical source.


UPDATE 3:00 p.m. - Fire Crews are back on scene from what is believed to be a rekindled fire. 

Smoke could be seen coming from a deeper area. 

He also confirmed that the fire burned 2200 acres missing any houses, farm fences, or livestock.


UPDATE 7:30 a.m. - Officials say the fire is over 90% contained. However, crews will remain on scene monitoring hot spots and doing what they call "mop work". They will stay on scene for another several hours to make sure the area is safe for residents and the fire danger has subsided.


Stinnett, TX -  Fire crews have been battling a large grass fire north of Stinnett in Hutchinson County.

The east side of the fire is reported to being near contained. Crews continue to extinguish the west side of the fire. A portion of the fire is located in the Canadian River breaks and it is very difficult for the fire trucks to gain access to the fire because of the rugged terrain.

At this time, Incident Commander Alan Wells advises there are no injuries, and no structures threatened.

There are multiple fire departments on scene. A partial list of current fire departments on scene includes Morse, Panhandle, Fritch, Stinnett, Hutchinson County, Borger, Skellytown, Spearman, National Park Service, Texas Forest Service, Hutchinson County Emergency Management, Texas DPS, Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office, Hutchinson County LEPC, and multiple personnel from area ranches.

The Texas Forest Service has arrived with bulldozers and other heavy equipment to assist with fire operations.

Fire crews will continue fire operations through out the night.

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