Local businesses seeing impact of Affordable Care Act

Local businesses seeing impact of Affordable Care Act

Amarillo, TX - The Affordable Care Act continues to stir up controversy around the country.

Britkare is a medical facility catering toward the needs of many home-bound people here in Amarillo. But lately, they say it's been difficult to serve those people.

Speaker Paul Ryan said yesterday...house members will vote on a rollback of Obamacare as one of their first acts of 2016.

Britkare general manager Josh Britten says rolling back the act will be beneficial, as they have seen some of the effects first-hand.

Britten says patient's benefits in their home are decreasing, with the regulations the Affordable Care act is putting in place.

"The regulations are making it harder and harder for your doctor to prescribe DME to keep you in-home," says Britten. "So if you need oxygen, if you need a hospital bed, whereas before the prescription from the doctor went a long way. We could take that prescription, set the patient up and take care of them."

It has not all been bad news. Britten says numbers of people who now have insurance has skyrocketed.

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