Two burglarizing home caught red handed, arrested

AMARILLO, TX - Two 19 year-old's were arrested Thursday afternoon while breaking into a home in southeast Amarillo.

Officers arrived to a home in the 4200 block of SE 13th on reports of a burglary in process after neighbors called saying they saw people "running back and forth from the house, carrying things."

When officers arrived, they saw one of the suspects in the yard of the home; he then ran from police who followed him both on foot and in a patrol car.

During the chase, officers found the suspect's jacket in front of a detached garage of another home in the 4300 block of SE 12th. Inside, the suspects were face down on the floor, and were taken into custody.

A television set, game console, watches, a leaf blower, and other household items were found in the garage and in the men's possession. The owner, who had been contacted by officers, later confirmed his home had been robbed.

The suspects had entered the home through an unlocked side door while the owner left momentarily.

The two men, Jorge Najera of Canyon, and David Najera Vidana of Amarillo, have been booked into the Potter County Detention Center for burglary of a habitation.

CRIME PREVENTION TIP: APD says that keeping an eye out for, and being willing to report on suspicious activity plays a big role in helping the police locate and arrest criminals. If you see activity that "just doesn't look right," don't hesitate to watch for a bit longer to determine exactly what is going on, or call police if it looks like a crime in progress.

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