Four Price awarded "Champion of Long Term Care"

Four Price awarded "Champion of Long Term Care"

Amarillo, TX -  One of Amarillo's own receives a special award from the Texas Health Care Association.

State representative Four Price has long been an advocate for the improvement of long term health care and his work is being recognized.

Thousands of Texans are in long term care facilities across the state. Residents at the Ussery Roan Texas State Veterans Home were all present to thank Four Price for his hard work and dedication to long term care issues.

He was awarded the "Champion of Long Term Care" by the Texas Health Care Association.

"It's a very special day. It's a real honor to receive this award because of the work that we've undertaken in our office on behalf of healthcare in the state of Texas and specifically as it affects aging Texans. This segment of our population is continually growing," says Price.

"He's in positions that influence the long-term care industry and representative Price is always willing to listen to our issues and as necessary, champion and push forward particularly in quality initiatives that we feel are appropriate to care for the long-term care residents of Texas," says Ron Payne, Vice Chair of the Association.

Price sits on the Health and Human Services Commission, the Sunset Commission, and is chair of health budget writing. He says he will continue to push for skilled nursing care and fight for other issues within the health care system.

"We'll see some changes in the way services are delivered through Texas agencies because there will be an improvement, a consolidation in some of the agencies and the functions that they provide so over the next several years we'll see the delivery of those services hopefully in a better way and more efficient, more effective way," says Price.

"We want somebody who's willing to listen and to look past the negativity and look for the positive in what we do particularly for the residents at the veterans home here in Amarillo," says Payne.

And Payne says price does just that.

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