Higher fees to be imposed on game room machines in Pampa

Higher fees to be imposed on game room machines in Pampa

Pampa, TX -   There are over 10 adult games rooms in Pampa that call themselves amusement only, meaning people can play on 8 liners machines without breaking Texas gambling laws.

While the city has allowed these businesses to stick around, The City of Pampa is looking to increase the annual fee for each 8 liner machine in game rooms from $250 to $1,000. After a long discussion from the commissioners, they decided to reduce the increase to $500 per machine.

"Most of these establishments, they do not pay sales tax, they don't pay property tax because they're renting," said Pampa City Manager Shane Stokes. "So, the city has no other way of recouping its cost for the services provided to these establishments, the same services that every other tax paying citizen of Pampa has to pay for."

The Veterans of Foreign Wars in Pampa has 60 machines in their game room. Under the new ordinance, VFW would pay $30,000 to the city, which is $15,000 more than they pay now.

"The help we would give to the community would end," said Commander for the Pampa VFW Danny Martin. "We would just do our regular fundraising and do our normal VFW stuff and won't be able to help the people that we're helping now."

Martin says VFW will ask the city to exempt their organization from this ordinance. Pampa city officials say another increase on these machines could come next year.

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