Canyon alcohol crimes drop following legalization

Canyon alcohol crimes drop following legalization

Canyon, TX -  The Canyon Police Department is seeing a decrease in alcohol-related crimes since selling alcohol became legal one year ago.

Chief of Police Dale Davis said offenses dropped 36 percent since Canyon began selling beer and wine on Dec. 11.

One of the most significant decreases involved the number of citations for minors in consumption. "We went from 230 citations issued from that period when we were dry (2013-2014) to 111 citations of when we were wet this last year," said Davis. "I really can't tell you why. I would like the police department to take credit for it, but I can't even assume or speculate why those numbers are down."

Davis said public intoxication citations also dropped in half, but offenses like DWIs and minors in possession remained the same.

He said the only crime that increased was beer thefts. Stores reported about half a dozen thefts this past year.

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