Amarillo City Council uses a retreat to move forward

Amarillo City Council uses a retreat to move forward

Amarillo, TX -  After a rough start following the May election, the Amarillo City Council wants to give the city new direction.

This week, the council met for a retreat to define their five main priorities for the city moving forward and how to achieve them.

The council members started with a list of 29 and narrowed it down to the five.

They plan to continue working on downtown redevelopment, with a focus beyond just the three catalyst projects (convention center hotel, parking garage and MPEV).

They also want to address disadvantaged and impoverished areas in the city and adopt a budget strategy to help clean them up.

Another goal is to create more youth athletic programs and build the necessary infrastructure to support them.

Long-term planning for city infrastructure like highways, streets and sewer lines is also a main concern.

Lastly, the council wants to improve overall community appearance, from tire dumping to fixing broken fences.

"I think it's really good to sit down face to face with people and put all the cards on the table and talk," said Mayor Paul Harpole. "That's really what we did. We narrowed those cards down, those initiatives we wanted to work on, down to five primary initiatives. That gives us a direction. It also tremendously helps city staff so they know where to focus and and what to work towards. It was very important and accomplished a lot."

The council and city staff will now develop a plan of action to support these five priorities. Harpole said council members also adopted better etiquette procedures for how to address each other during meetings to avoid future conflict.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10

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