Amarillo girl makes record hair donation

Amarillo girl makes record hair donation

Amarillo, TX-   An Amarillo girl is cutting away her past for a good cause.

Brianna Gutierrez is like most twelve-year-olds, except today she broke a record and gave a piece of herself to better other children's lives.

Twelve years.

That's how long Brianna Gutierrez has been growing out her hair. But today...those locks were all cut off.

Brianna is donating her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost or cannot grow their own hair.

"Very proud, very very proud that she's willing to do something like that and whenever she was told about the organization, she got even more excited and stuff, so definitely proud," says her father Joel.

And today, Brianna set a record. Co-founder of Wigs for Kids Jeffrey Paul tells us the most hair they've received was 32 inches. Brianna gave 33.

"She's brought it up to another bar that everybody's going to have to shoot for, so we hope that she challenges the country because it's always worth a little bit more time to grow a little bit more hair and give that child the hair. A lot of our organizational people ask why do we take 12 inches and as I said earlier, it really is a necessity from 12 inches up to give a child longer hair and they just are going to be thrilled by this girl's hair length," says Paul.

Paul says Brianna's donation will help between 2-3 kids. Wigs for Kids' motto is to allow children to live their lives with dignity, courage, and increased self esteem.

Paul tells us this record donation will do just that.

"I hope that the hair really blesses them. I mean it really, whatever struggles their going through I hope it makes them feel a little bit more hopeful. I know a lot of them especially now these days in society where image is it plays a big part, so it that helps them and it gives them comfort, that'll definitely make us proud as well," says Joel.

"Just let her know that we are very, very grateful and proud of what she's done and tell her Dad that he's raised a beautiful child that would give her hair to another child," says Paul.

Paul tells us the organization does not typically track who the hair goes to, but with Brianna setting a new record, they are considering it.

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