Tornado damage research at WTAMU

Tornado damage research at WTAMU

Pampa, TX - A local professor is looking into how to keep us safer when tornadoes touch down in the Panhandle region.

West Texas A&M University Engineering professor Arn Womble is surveying the damage caused by multiple tornadoes in Gray County last month. One of the tornadoes heavily damaged the Halliburton Plant in Pampa.

Womble is studying the rubble left behind using imaging and laser scanning technology. He wants to better understand how wind affects buildings, and use that knowledge to prepare for future weather events.

"This plant was particularly interesting because there's a lot of metal buildings here, and they're damaged to different degrees," said Womble. "So, we can get a better idea of wind speeds both seeing what failed and what didn't fail."

Professors from Texas Tech University's Wild Science and Engineering Department and The University of Nebraska are also helping Doctor Womble with his research.

Womble says the findings will be submitted to national weather centers and later be used to design buildings capable of better withstanding weather events.

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