Borger Middle School students share experiences with bullying

Borger Middle School students share experiences with bullying

BORGER, TX - Several Borger Middle School parents are concerned about how the school is dealing with bullies.

Jamie Matlock said she has a 6th grader who has been bullied, verbally and physically, since the first day of school.

Matlock said her daughter, Jayda, often does not want to go to school because she knows she'll be bullied once she gets there.

She received notice that she has already missed too many days of school, and is only a few days away from a truancy charge.

The student targeting her daughter received half a day of in-school suspension for what Matlock said has been half a school year's worth of bullying.

"She comes home crying all the time and I'm just tired of it," said Matlock, in tears. "The administrators tell me they're gonna deal with it and they don't. They'll say they came up with a solution, and I'll think we came up with a solution, and then as soon as I pick them up from school it's the same old thing over and over again."

Jayda is not the only middle schooler who has reported being bullied a school.

Xharia Anderson, also a 6th grader at Borger Middle School, said she has been bullied since the second week of school.

Some of the names the girls say they've been called are inappropriate and racially offensive.

"They've been calling me white trash and they've been hitting and punching me," said Jayda. "Sometimes I have red marks."

"They make fun of me for my hair and how I look," said Anderson. "I'm not rachet, and my hair looks beautiful, and stop being a bully."

Matlock has talked with several teachers, the principal, and the superintendent, and said she does not see the issue getting any better. She said she has already been up to the school three times this week to deal with her daughter's bullying.

Borger ISD provided the following statement about bullying at the middle school:

"When issues of student conflict were brought to the administrator's attention, appropriate actions such as counseling, mediation and discipline have been taken. When parents and students met with administrators and the facts were discussed, parents seemed satisfied with their understanding of the situation and the school's actions."

Both girls said they have filed bully reports and talked with adults, but no one seems to help.

"Every time I look at the teacher, she turns around and tells me to shut up and stop looking at her."

Matlock and Anderson's father, Antwane Sanders, said they hope the school administrators will see the problems going on, and come up with a long-lasting solution to bullying.

UPDATE: Thursday afternoon, Jamie Matlock said she received a call from the principal of Borger Middle School. She said he wants to meet with her and the parents of her daughter's bully to come up with a solution for this problem.

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