Dumas PD hoping to increase security

Dumas PD hoping to increase security

Dumas, TX - An area police chief says recent mass shootings highlight the need to increase security within his own department.

Dumas police chief Jim Nelson says his administrative workers do not have enough protection in their offices. The bars along their window provide some type of security for municipal court clerk, Kathy Wieck and administrative assistant, Connie Martinez, but if someone were to come inside with a gun, the bars are ineffective.

Chief Nelson wants to add bulletproof glass to prevent a dangerous situation from unfolding.

"I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this for my personnel, the civilian personnel because we owe it to them to provide a safe work environment," said Nelson.

Wieck, who has been working for the Dumas Police Department for over 20 years and Martinez, whose worked over 7 years with the department says they appreciate the added security.

"I think it's safer for us back here," said Martinez. "We sometimes deal with people that become irate and they don't mean to but you just never know. So, it's just a safer feeling."

Chief Nelson says the bulletproof glass at his department could be installed in the coming months. His proposal received so much praise that Dumas City Hall is looking to make the same changes for workers in the billing departments. City manager Arbie Taylor will present the idea to commissioners in the coming weeks.

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