Texas Tea and Canta Ranas to open downtown

Texas Tea and Canta Ranas to open downtown

AMARILLO, TX - The recent passing of the MPEV has prompted two businesses to open new franchises downtown.

Because this vote passed, Texas Tea Premium Water & Ice has chosen to open its third franchise in downtown Amarillo.

"The MPEV was the catalyst to our decision and I think it will be the catalyst to many many more," said Justin Howe, President and CEO of Texas Tea. "If it weren't for the vote, we definitely would not have moved downtown."

Texas Tea will be opening a store at The Lofts on Tenth and hope to open to the public on March 1, 2016.

Howe said they had been negotiation the lease and the possibility of opening downtown for about 75 days.

It all depended on the MPEV vote.

Howe said Texas Tea wants to be part of a thriving community that's growing and expanding in a positive way. He said had the vote turned down the MPEV, Texas Tea would not have wanted to be part of a negative project that was not showing signs of growth.

The downtown store is not being built as a means of profit for Texas Tea, said Howe.

"This is more of a commitment to our customers."

Brad Williamson, VP Logistics and Store Development, says they are excited to cater to those who live, work, or spend a lot of time downtown.

"It's exciting having another place for customers to go and buy our tea that's closer to them instead of maybe having to get it on the way to work or on the way home," said Williamson. "For them to actually be able to step out at lunch or during a break to grab a tea is just another opportunity for us to better serve them."

Williamson said the passing of the MPEV shows that downtown revitalization is real and happening now.

Melissa Dailey, Executive Director of Downtown Amarillo Inc. said several other businesses have show interest in moving downtown.

On 10th and Buchanan, an old tire service building will be knocked down and rebuilt as a restaurant called Canta Ranas.

Dailey said the building's owners had started the development process months ago, but put the final decision to open the restaurant on hold until the MPEV passed.

As more retail space become available downtown, Dailey said she expects to see more and more businesses open around downtown.

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