New details on Carson County vehicle fires

New details on Carson County vehicle fires

PANHANDLE, TX - More information has been confirmed about the chain of events leading to Monday night's emergency vehicle fires in Carson County.

Danny Dawson, an investigator with the county DA's office, was driving home when he saw a car speeding down 1-40 near FM-2161.

Dawson started to pull the car over, when it exited the highway and pulled into the driveway of Mike Daniels.

The suspect was acting like he lived there when Daniels came outside and told him it was private property and he needed to leave. He drove away from the highway, and Dawson followed him back to Daniels' property where he pulled him over.

Chief Deputy Tam Terry with the Carson County Sheriff's Department said it was discovered the car was stolen outside of North Carolina, and the suspect took off running.

Daniels said he called 911 and watched the chase from his house, armed with a gun.

The suspect came back to retrieve something from his car when Daniels came out and told him to stay down. Daniels shot a few rounds near the suspects feet, and said he saw the man drop a pistol on the ground.

The suspect took off running into a field next door when other officers arrived on the scene.

Carson County Sheriff Loren Brand's car caught on fire as he drove it onto the field to catch the suspect. The car had to be left to burn completely because of the live ammunition inside.

A Panhandle Police Department vehicle also caught on fire, but was not completely destroyed.

Brand was treated by EMS for minor injuries, but no one else was hurt.

The suspect was arrested on a stolen vehicle charge and on a charge of Second Degree Felony - Criminal Mischief.

Terry said this charge was because the suspects actions caused two county vehicles to catch fire.

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