Monday, December 7th

Monday, December 7th

Monday, December 7th

Sponsors: Happy State Bank & Xcel Energy 
Grilled hot dogs from 4-10 p.m., Olaf from Frozen from 4-10 p.m.

News at Noon

1. Tri-State Fair, Angela Ragland  843lbs, 702.5 meals

Live at Five

1.  Sponsor of the Day - Xcel Energy, Wes Reeves

2.  Bushland Elementary School

3.  Plains Memorial Hospital, Dimmitt. Pantry, Janet Sammann, Patient Care Navigator

4.  Sponsor of the Day – Happy State Bank, Cari Roach or Pat Hickman

5:20 – 5:50 p.m., THS Show Choir, Billy Tally

News at Six

1.  Puckett Elementary, Melea Ray

2.  Bushland Middle School

3.  Happy State Bank

4.  Channing High School Nat'l Honor Society, Debbie Foster

5.  Xcel Energy - Wes Reeves

6.  HOLD for Kids Cafe

News at Nine

1.  Xcel Energy - Wes Reeves

2. Stephen Tillery, Kwahadis

3.  Happy State Bank

News at Ten

1.  Bushland High School

2.  Happy State Bank

3. Tascosa High School

4.  Xcel Energy 

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