Clovis student attempts suicide after bullying at school

Clovis student attempts suicide after bullying at school

Clovis, NM - Daniel Gutierrez made a discovery he never thought he would make. He found his 12-year-old son, Daniel Gutierrez Jr., collapsed on the floor of his bedroom after trying to hang himself.

"His eyes were rolled to the back of his head, he was blue and not breathing," said Gutierrez. "So, immediately I started CPR."

Daniel now remains in stable condition. He is recovering from severe lung damage, scar tissue to his throat, and head trauma.

Gutierrez says the reason his son made this tragic decision is because he's been a long time victim of bullying at a Clovis junior high school .

"He's been being bullied, beat up at school, being video taped and mocked on Facebook," said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez shows NewsChannel 10 a video that happened a few weeks ago.  It appears to show Daniel protecting himself while another student punches him repeatedly. Gutierrez says he's tried to talk to the school's principal and the school board about this incident and others like it, but nothing is being done.

District Superintendent Jody Balch says they were not aware of the ongoing bullying until this week -- and says they will not overlook the issue. Balch adds each student goes through a mandatory power point presentation on how to spot and reporting bullying.

Incidents like the one that happen to Daniel, make Gutierrez question if enough is being done in the Clovis School District.

"We read this stuff all this time, and see other videos of kids being bullied," said Gutierrez. "I'm concerned for those other kids. That's horrible, kids should not be going through that. There's other kids that have been in worse situations than my son."

Daniel will stay in Lubbock for a few more days, until he is transferred to a hospital in Albuquerque.

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