Hoverboards raising concerns for some users

Hoverboards raising concerns for some users

Amarillo, TX - A popular Christmas gift around the country, including here in the panhandle is causing concern for parents.

We've likely all seen hoverboard-type toys taking the shopping season by storm, but some malfunctions have many claiming the fun..is just not worth it.

They're futuristic looking, electric, and hands-free. Hundreds of thousands of the so called "hoverboards" have been sold in the United States alone. Bed bath and beyond just received a shipment of the boards...and employees think they will fly off the shelves.

"They are the newest thing, so to be able to offer something that is new to the whole electronic world, we're really excited and we think that it's going to be really popular for Christmas, great great giftable item," says Manager Lindsey Munoz.

But recent fires and even small explosions from the item's lithium battery have been responsible for controversy. Jessie Lara with Battery Joe, says the problem is people are using the wrong charger to charge the battery.

"And when that happens, it over charges the battery, makes the battery overheat and that in turn, can cause the lithium to catch fire," says Lara.

But it's not all boards. Lara says if you do your research, you will find which brands are credible, and less likely to have faulty products.

"The main thing about you know if you are buying these smart boards or side boards, just make sure you're going through a reputable manufacturer. Cheaper is not always better when you have these kind of situations. When they are more expensive, you are getting better quality parts in them, so don't always go for the cheaper, option," says Lara.

An added danger...safety while on the boards.

"If you are getting it for your kids or anything, they can be kind of dangerous, so make sure that you have it around anything that you're not going to hurt yourself around. Have plenty of pillows or anything like that to cover the space," says Munoz.

While the price tag is not friendly for all budgets, retailers do not anticipate sales slowing any time soon.

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