Small businesses compete for Black Friday deals

Small businesses compete for Black Friday deals

Amarillo, TX - Many large retailers started their Black Friday deals and are leaving smaller businesses to compete.

Like other stores this holiday season, Black Vault Electronics is offering deals online and in store. Owner of Black Vault, Yvonne Croley,said it's hard for smaller businesses to compete with larger ones during the holidays because they do not have enough financial stability.

"I can't spend all the profit that I've made in the entire year to take all the losses for the sales at the end of the year to turn an annual profit," Croley said. "We can't keep our doors open that way because we don't have access to the same capital that they have access to."

Many people believe larger stores will have better deals but that's not always the case especially for Josh Gilbreth.

Gilbreth is a regular customer of Black Vault who came out today to start his holiday shopping. He said he will shop at larger stores but prefers Black Vault because they have good deals and are more personable.

"I mean they are more on the same level it's not just push you in, push you out, just squeeze money out of you," Gilbreth said. "They're actually willing to communicate with you, help you out, work with you. If there is something they can't get their hands on they'll try and get it for you."

Croley said last year's Black Friday sales were not as successful as she hoped but thinks this year's sales will be.

She credits local shoppers for the success of her business. "The business has grown exponentially over the last year and I'm pretty certain I'm going to have a lot of people coming in because we have a lot of local support within the community right now."