"Thanksgiving Through Faith" brings community members together for Thanksgiving

"Thanksgiving Through Faith" brings community members together for Thanksgiving

AMARILLO, TX - When Danielle Smith invited everyone in town to a community Thanksgiving celebration, she had no idea how many people would come.

On Thursday, with 18 turkeys and countless side dishes, Smith and her family served more than 80 people from all walks of life. People like Tammy Gray, who learned about this event through the Tyler Street Resource Center.

"It is beautiful. This is not something we would have got at the homeless shelter," said Gray. "You've got the kids running around, the football, the family. This is something you would miss if you weren't at home."

Gray and several others from the homeless shelter arranged rides through Smith, who picked a lot of people up herself.

Evangelist Lacey Kay Green first heard about the community feast through NewsChannel 10's original story.

She contacted Smith immediately, and asked what she could bring to help.

"It was a really traditional, traditional thanksgiving. The food is magnificent. Just magnificent," said Green. "I encourage everyone if they do this again, come. Receive a blessing from this family."

Smith, her seven siblings and all their family members hope to extend this event to multiple venues so people from different parts of town can make it.

"I got so many hugs today that I can't even count," said Smith. "I've hugged so many people, people that I don't know. They are just grateful, and for me, that's priceless. That's priceless."

Smith and her family could not have done this without the help of the Amarillo community.

Below they've shared a list of people and businesses they'd like to thank:

  • Abby Lair and the Greg Lair family for donating $100, and Mrs. Lair for a magnificent homemade potato casserole.
  • Breezy Johnson Adams and Grant Construction for their $100 contribution.
  • Ed Montana and Chris Reed of Coors for three turkeys and drinks.
  • Glen and Connie Spiller and Cheryl Hand of The Western Cowpuncher's Association for donating the venue.