Xcel Energy working to restore ice storm power outages

Xcel Energy working to restore ice storm power outages

We'll continue to update this page with the latest information on power outages and restoration as it becomes available. To report a power outage or check on areas affected, click here.

UPDATE:  Xcel Energy has restored power to most areas and continues to work on the remaining outages.

Fewer than 100 customers are reporting outages as of Friday at 9:09 p.m.

"We remain ready to respond knowing more bad weather might create more problems on our system," said Xcel Spokesperson Wes Reeves. "We still have a lot of ice on some of our east-west transmission lines."


Previous story published Thursday, 11/27/15

Amarillo, TX - Xcel Energy is staging additional personnel and equipment in Amarillo, Plainview and Lubbock Thursday evening due to the expected ice storm.

In addition to Texas and New Mexico based employees, the company is also calling on the help of 21 contract crews as well as help from its sister utility, Public Service Company of Colorado.

Heavy ice can cause tree limbs to break, so Xcel is also are bringing in extra tree-trimming crews.

"Heavy ice, when combined with a stiff breeze, can cause our lines to "gallop" and slap together, or also pull loose from insulators," said Wes Reeves, a spokesperson for Xcel. "Ice can cause significant damage to cross arms and poles as well. In the past, we have experienced outages during these events, and sometimes the outages can be long in duration. Customers should be aware of the possible challenges a storm like this can present, and make plans in advance for staying warm in case of long-duration outages. This is especially critical for customers who depend on life support equipment and customers caring for elderly people, family members in poor health or babies and small children."

Xcel encourages customers to be aware of their surroundings in the event of an outage and to stay away from downed lines.