Salvation Army serves hundreds a Thanksgiving feast

Salvation Army serves hundreds a Thanksgiving feast

Amarillo, TX - Over 180 volunteers came together to help the Salvation Army serve 378 people Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, the organization wanted to provide the homeless, hungry, or those without family in the area a special holiday. Guests were escorted to tables and waited on by volunteers. They ordered off of menus and had their dinners and drinks brought to them.

Executive Director of the Salvation Army, Harvey Johnson, said the extra service was so their guests would feel special."You know you prepare things for the level of person that's coming to visit you and our guests coming today, we want them to feel like they are important people, because they are."

He feels that everyone should participate in the holiday. "Everyone around the globe, particularly the U.S., is having a holiday today and we think all people ought to be included," Johnson said. "We create this kind of setting so that people will have that experience and to bring value to each soul, everyone is of value."

Johnson said the dinner would not have been possible without their volunteers, and said volunteers came from all over the Panhandle area to help.

"We're very excited about our community partnership and a lot of families now make this a holiday tradition," Johnson said.

One volunteer came with her family and said she is happy they could serve their community together.

"It makes me feel like my whole entire family is coming together closer and that we are doing it with a joyful heart that we get a closer bond together as a family," said volunteer Kati Ann Smith.

The Salvation Army said almost 30 turkeys and over 500 desserts were donated. While they are thankful for all the help they have received for today's feast, many guests said they are thankful for the Salvation Army and their charitable work.