Worldwide travel alert could impact your holiday travels

Worldwide travel alert could impact your holiday travels

Amarillo, TX -  A worldwide travel alert is impacting security at airports across the nation, including Rick Husband International.

Recent terrorist attacks prompted the State Department to issue a worldwide travel alert through February. The agency is urging travelers to be more alert and aware of their surroundings and to prepare for delays because of extra security at airports nationwide.

Rick Husband is among hundreds of airports gearing up for one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, but it's not making as many security changes compared to the ones you may fly into.

In airports like Dallas/Fort Worth, more thorough screenings are expected at security checkpoints and even TSA pre-check passengers may have to take off their shoes.

Joe Keever flew into Amarillo Wednesday and said he appreciated the extra security. "The TSA agents were well prepared and they expected the onslaught of travelers. There was nothing different than a normal day of travel as long as travelers were prepared for what was expected going through TSA."

Airport Operations Manager Thomas Oscarsson said some of the extra security measures won't be happening locally, but there will be more TSA staff on hand. "Apart from seeing some additional staff, there's really going to be no real change to the pre-check process or the regular screening process."

Oscarsson said the airport's biggest obstacle this holiday weekend is the weather. "It doesn't look fun. With the weather reports we're getting right now, it's evident we're going to see a lot of freezing precipitation in terms of glazed ice."

The airport plans on pre-treating the runways for ice Wednesday night and will then transition into de-icing once the weather hits. Oscarsson said staff will do everything possible to keep the runways usable but weather delays are possible.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10