DWC weighs in on protestors against ordinance 7333

DWC weighs in on protestors against ordinance 7333

Amarillo, TX - Local homeless organizations are weighing in after protestors crowded the doors at city hall over an ordinance they say targets the homeless.

Ordinance 7333 restricts anyone from camping overnight on public property.

A few homeless organizations say it's good more people are concerned for Amarillo's homeless population and about what this ordinance does for our area.

While many of the protestors from Tuesday's city council meeting were hoping for the ordinance to be repealed or amended, Diann Gilmore with the Downtown Women Center says just getting rid of the ordinance is not the way to go. In fact, she's looking forward to being a part of the approved sub-committee that will study our city's homeless community for 60 days.

"If we can all just listen and keep an open mind, I think something really positive can come from this because it's always good to have young blood and new ideas," said Gilmore. "Hopefully they'll listen to what we've done in the past, tried in the past and see what we can come up with together that's new."

Gilmore hopes that since these young protestors started this heated debate, they will stay with it until the end of the 60 day research period.

Some other organizations that will be represented in the subcommittee are The Salvation Army and Faith City Missions.