Local woman invites Amarillo to spend Thanksgiving with her family

Local woman invites Amarillo to spend Thanksgiving with her family

AMARILLO, TX - One local woman believes Thanksgiving should be a time for community, and wants residents to join her for what she hopes is a new area tradition.

For as long as she can remember, Danielle Smith's family has always reached out to people to make sure everyone has a home for the holidays. This year she wants everyone in Amarillo to know they have a place with her family this Thanksgiving.

The idea started forming two years ago, when Smith's brother was smoking turkeys for the family's Thanksgiving dinner. Smith said neighbors started coming over to the house, and soon 40 or 50 people were at the house having a great time.

Last Thanksgiving, she opened up this invitation to more people - mostly extended family - and served almost 100. Now she wants to at least double that number, but hopes for many more.

"If 500 people show up, we will feed 500 people," said Smith. "It's just faith, you know? We go by faith. We know God's going to work it out."

Smith posted her invitation in the Facebook group "Amarillo Buy, Sale, or Trade" to get a feel for how many people may want to come. The post had more than 500 likes and 95 comments, all positive.

She said only about 5 families have RSVP-ed so far, but she believes more people than that will show up Thanksgiving Day.

"I know I don't always RSVP when I'm supposed to and still show up," said Smith.

As of Monday, she had 7 or 8 turkeys to cook for the dinner. She is confident that that number will grow.

Some people have donated paper plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and even gift cards to help out. Smith asks those who are able bring a side dish or two to make sure everyone can be fed.

Anyone who wants to learn more, RSVP, or donate food can message Smith on Facebook here.

The dinner will start at 1p.m. on Thursday at the Western Cowpuncher's Association, 10401 US Highway 287.

The Cowboys game will be on for fans to watch as well!