Area hunters urged to help track fatal deer disease

Area hunters urged to help track fatal deer disease

Amarillo, TX - This hunting season, state wildlife officials are asking area hunter to help track a disease fatal to deer that recently appeared in Central Texas.

Deer from captive breeding facilities in Medina and Lavaca Counties have tested positive for chronic wasting disease, which is a rare, neurological disease that affects deer, elk and moose and has no cure.

Now state wildlife officials are trying to get ahead of it before it spreads. The next time you hunt, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) asks you donate the head of your kill to science.

To test for chronic wasting disease, biologists need samples from a specific brain tissue so they would like hunters to bring in the entire head of the animal they kill.

While the disease does not affect humans, it can be detrimental to the deer population if it spreads because there is no cure. Hunting in Texas is a $2.2 billion economy and state officials don't want the disease to put it at risk.

For a list of where you can submit your deer or elk samples, click here.