BBB's new scam tracker

BBB's new scam tracker

Amarillo, TX -  The Better Business Bureau just launched a new tool that will help keep you from becoming a victim of a scam.

It's called the BBB Scam Tacker. The tracker serves as a database for consumers to report and learn about fraud and scams in our area. The new tool allows you to see what type of scams are affecting our area or to track a particular type of scam.

"This is a tool that will help our organization and law enforcement to track scammers and hopefully even take down some of these scams or scam sites," said BBB CEO Janna Kiehl. "It will help law enforcement have a better handle on the types of scams that are actually happening in our community."

This is a free tool to the public and no personal information is submitted when reporting a scam.

To check out the new BBB Scam Tracker, go to the BBB's website.