Green Plains Inc keeps Murphy employees

Green Plains Inc keeps Murphy employees

Hereford, TX - The selling of an ethanol plant is expected to impact the job market and economy of Hereford.

Murphy USA Inc. sold their plant to Green Plains Inc. for $94 million dollars. Many employees of Murphy USA were worried they would lose their jobs when they heard the company would be sold.

President and CEO of Green Plains, Todd Becker, said before anyone was offered a position they had to under go interviews with the company. "What we do is we go down and we interview everyone in the plant and some people may decide not to stay and there are others that we may decide that it isn't a right fit for us."

All 54 employees have remained with the company.

The facility will remain an ethanol plant but Becker said they plan to better utilize the plant.

"Our goal is to bring even more corn in than we would consume at the ethanol plant to distribute locally to the markets," Becker said. "Our plan is to also to bring in more distiller grain than we would produce at the ethanol plant to distribute to the local market. So we are going to really utilize that asset very differently than it has in the past beyond just being an ethanol plant."

Green Plains purchased the plant because of it's location, they wanted to be near Texas ports for when the demand to ship ethanol globally increases. "...Between the ability to ship locally at our distillers grain, to produce a very low carbon fuel, the location versus the export markets, we decided that was a plant that we were very interested in and we moved very quickly to purchase it."

City officials believe the plant's impact on the economy has been positive and feel it will remain the same. Becker is hoping the plant will further increase the city's economy.

"Our view is that we will only be enhancing anything that happens down there today, which is only good for the local economy." Becker said they are happy to be a part of the Hereford community.

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