More mice, more problems

More mice, more problems

Amarillo, TX -  Our area has seen it's share of increased mosquitoes and spiders, but now mice are the biggest problem. Not only are we seeing more of these critters out in the open, but they're making their way into our homes.

"Mice are just everywhere. The population of them is so huge right now," said local exterminator Bruce Burney.

Burney's phone has been ringing off the hook for mice problems, which is the most he's seen for this pest problem in a long time. The reason for the increase goes back to our extremely wet year we've had.

"When we get a lot of moisture, everything grows," said Burney. "They're bigger and there's more of them. so, they're actually even more healthy looking and the number is just so much more, it's unbelievable."

Even our local Home Depot off of Soncy says they've seen an increase in sales within the last week for mouse traps.

Mice tend to move inside our homes in November more than any other month because they're looking for food and a place to keep warm. They're bringing with them bacteria, potential diseases, parasites, and viruses -- putting your health at risk.

The city's health department says you can put yourself in the highest risk when disturbing mouse nesting, where you can easily breath in particles possibly carrying Hantavirus.

The best thing any homeowner can do is set up traps and fill holes around your home where mice can enter. Some more humane traps are being recommended, where instead of snapping them or trapping them with glue pads, there are boxes with bait inside.