Parents upset over Canyon lock down tweet

Parents upset over Canyon lock down tweet

Canyon, TX - Canyon High school was on lock down yesterday after a student brought a small fire arm onto the campus. Administrators waited to tell the parents.

After the lock down was over, the school took to Twitter and their website to inform parents about the situation. Administrators said their priority is to take care of the situation first and then notify parents.

Chief of Canyon Police, Dale Davis, said there is always a Resource Officer on school grounds to handle those types of situations. Davis said the school's protocol creates less chaos.

"We just don't need them (parents) rushing to the school and I know that's hard to do," Davis said. "We would prefer to be able to handle the situation that's going on at that particular time at the school and then once we come out of lock down then the parents can come."

Lynell Drown, a parent of a Canyon student, said she was not informed of the lock down until 8 p.m. when a friend told her about it.

Drown said she does not have a Twitter account, and she feels there should be a better notification system in place. "I'm upset about it and I love Canyon Independent School District, that's why I bus my kid there everyday," Drown said. "I think that as parents we have the right to know exactly when something is going on. You know when there is something going on in the Amarillo School District we get a mass phone call all parents do, and it's an automated system and everybody knows what's going on and I think Canyon should be the same way."

She also hopes the school will prevent future situations like this. "I don't think that they are talking enough preventative measures there never should have been a gun in the school," Drown said. "It's too close for comfort. It's just a touchy situation, those are our kids, we love them we want them to come home."

We reached out to Canyon High School to see if they will make any security changes about preventing weapons on campus but they did not comment. However, they said they have previously informed parents of their notification system and will continue to use Twitter.

Parents without Twitter accounts can directly receive tweets on their cell phone through a text message. To sign up text follow canyonisd to 40404. For more directions visit the school's help page.

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