Storm claims climb

Storm claims climb

Pampa, TX -  As tornado cleanup continues in Pampa, local insurance companies say the claims are starting to roll in.

State Farm said around 350 claims have been filed so far this week after eight tornadoes hit the Panhandle on Monday. The company expects that number to rise.

As residents sift through their scattered belongings, insurance companies like State Farm say they are standing by to help families rebuild.

Insurance agent Jeff Bara said one thing many homeowners don't know is homeowners insurance also covers money spent making temporary repairs to damaged homes. This includes putting up plywood or buying tarp. "Save those receipts as well because when your claims adjuster comes out, that will be covered under your homeowners insurance policy," said Bara. "So be sure to save all those receipts where you're taking your due diligence to save against extra losses."

Unfortunately, damaging storms like the ones on Monday also attract scammers trying to take advantage of those needing a quick fix. Many door-to-door contractors request money up front and then never return to do the work they promised. "Be weary of people going door-to-door," said Bara. "Don't pay right away for them to fix what they say they are going to fix. Go ahead and have them fix it and then pay them once you've inspected it and it looks like they've done their job correctly."

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a full database of accredited contractors across the Panhandle online. The BBB recommends always checking their website or calling them before hiring someone for repairs. Their online database has company ratings, reviews and complaints at your disposal for free.

To check out the database, click here.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10