What's to blame for odd tornado activity?

What's to blame for odd tornado activity?

Some might call Monday night's tornadoes jaw-dropping, as it is very rare to see one let alone at least five tornadoes touch down in the Panhandle out of season.

NewsChannel 10's "Doppler" Dave Oliver says the weather conditions that create tornadoes in the spring were similar on Monday. He also adds that El Nino played a role in the odd tornado activity.

"What we have with El Nino is a very strong southern branch to the jet stream and the storm we had was kind of embedded in that southern branch and was really energized," said Doppler Dave.

The National Weather Service is currently surveying the intensity of all the tornadoes. They say this could take up to a few days to complete.

The jet stream will continue to bring more storms off the Pacific as we get into the colder months.