New information on potential homicide suspect

New information on potential homicide suspect

LIPSCOMB COUNTY, TX - New information is discovered about Abdon Ponce Jr, the man Texas Rangers believe may be connected with two murders in Hansford and Lipscomb counties.

Ponce, 38, lived in Perryton for a few years, but spent the majority of his life in Booker.

Austin Cummings, a resident of Perryton, met Ponce at a party about 4 years ago.

"He seemed more normal the first time I met him," said Cummings. "And then the next couple of times he just seemed really weirded out, different, wasn't the same person as the first time I met him. Just changed like that."

He described Ponce as shy, quiet, and as someone who kept to himself.

Cummings was not surprised when Ponce was arrested.

He said he would not be shocked if Ponce is connected with the murders for one reason:

"Just drugs. Just the drugs really. Make people go crazy."

Ponce is booked into the Hutchinson County Jail after his arrest in Oldham County on Saturday.

He was arrested on an unidentified charge unrelated to the two murders.

Officials are unable to confirm if a murder warrant has been obtained, but say the victim's names and Ponce's charges will be released as early as Tuesday.