Silverland and Hill's Hallmark hoping to start a new Black Friday tradition

Silverland and Hill's Hallmark hoping to start a new Black Friday tradition

Amarillo, TX - Some might say it's a bold move to be closed on Black Friday, because traditionally it's one of the busiest and most profitable days of the year for retailers, but for local business owner Todd Hill, he's forgoing that profit for the people.

"It's going to be difficult if not impossible for us to recoup from one days of sales, but I just believe it's worth it and I'm willing to take that expense," said Hill.

Hill and his wife own Silverland and Hill's Hallmark at Wolflin Square in Amarillo. They've both decided to close their store doors this Black Friday in an effort to help save the Thanksgiving holiday, a concern they've had for several years.

"One of the few traditional holidays that we have that is still so family oriented is Thanksgiving," said Hill. "We encourage our employees to stay at home with their friends and family and not go out shopping."

Hill made this decision after REI, a well-known outdoor gear and sporting goods retailer, announced they were canceling Black Friday this year.

"It really invigorated me, my only regret to them doing that is I didn't think about it first," said Hill.

Even though he has two small businesses, Hill is no stranger to Black Friday -- allowing eager shoppers through his doors on the biggest retail day for over 18 years.

But Hill says with Black Friday creeping earlier and earlier into the week, what was once a relaxing holiday has turned into a shopping frenzy.

"It's gotten to the point to where people line up outside the door and will trample people to get in when the doors open," said Hill. "It started at seven in the morning, then it went to six, then five, then midnight, and now many stores are open for Black Friday on Thursday."

Hill is hoping to convince consumers to start a new Black Friday tradition, one that doesn't involve buying anything and just staying at home to enjoy family time.

"I don't know how people are going to respond, but if I did anything based on how people would respond I probably wouldn't do much," said Hill. "I think it's time for us to start doing what's right and not just what's correct."

Hill says he would like to see other stores join his efforts to boycott Black Friday.