Route 66 merchants show support for Amarillo police

Route 66 merchants show support for Amarillo police

Amarillo, TX -  Route 66 signs along 6th Street are now adorned with blue ribbons to show support for the Amarillo Police Department.

The 6th Street Merchants Association decided to add them to the signs to honor and support Amarillo law enforcement.

Along with the sign decor, the association also presented Chief of Police Robert Taylor with a plaque of appreciation.

"We've been thinking that we really need to appreciate the Amarillo Police Department for all that they do around Amarillo and for 6th Street," said Ken Spencer, the President of the 6th Street Merchants Association. "They're always here when we call and need them. So we needed to do something to show our appreciation for them."

Chief Taylor said he is proud of all the support being shown in our community and the police department really appreciates it.