Amarillo hit-and-run victim recovering from incident--suspect still at large

Amarillo hit-and-run victim recovering from incident--suspect still at large

Amarillo, TX -  An Amarillo family is still fighting and looking for answers, months after an event they describe as unimaginable.

It was like any other Friday for the Howard family, except this one would change their lives forever.

16-year-old Caylie Howard had the same schedule every day. She'd get up, get ready for school, head to Randall High, come home, and go for a run.

But on August 28th, she didn't return home. Tobe, her father sent Caylie's brothers to go find her when her run down 58th took longer than usual. When they had no luck, he set out.

"I don't think at the time I still even realized that she had been hit by a vehicle," says Tobe. "You know, you think those things, but when it's actually happening, there's no process that I could explain that was going on in my head. It's just...what is going on?"

Caylie had been struck by a car. The driver fled and left her on the side of the road.

Caylie was in critical condition suffering from severe trauma to her head and underwent multiple surgeries for weeks...and a suspect remains on the loose.

"Since there was very little evidence at the scene except for Caylie, we are relying on the public for information on tips that somebody might know somebody that did this," says Trooper Bryan Witt with DPS. "Typically what we'll do it we'll try to run out these leads and try to find the vehicle.

Now they are experiencing the hustle and bustle of Dallas, where Caylie is in rehab. She is having to undergo intensive therapy for speech, memory, and many every-day skills she lost in the incident.

Caylie says every day is a struggle, but some things are more difficult than others.

"I miss just being at home and normal life happening. Because it's not normal here."

The two have been in and out of medical facilities for almost three months...keeping Tobe so busy, he says he has not even thought about the suspect in this case.

"My daughter always tells me, Dad I'm not worried about it. God will do what's right in his own wisdom. And I think that's a very big kind thing of her to do and say and I believe that too. I just pray that god will give this person some kind of conviction to do the right thing," says Tobe.

Caylie's doctors say she is very strong and improving rapidly, but she says she is not doing it alone.

"It feels good, but I don't know how I got here. It's the hope of god that got me here. 'Cause there's not way I could have done it by myself," says Caylie.

The DPS and Amarillo Crime Stoppers have not stopped, either.

"It'll really never close until it's solved," says Witt. "It'll stay open until the case is solved and we find the vehicle or the person that did this to Caylie."

What Caylie says she looks forward to most....getting home and living the life of a normal teenager again.

If you know anything about this case, no matter how small a detail, you are urged to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.