Dumas Ave. concrete project creates concern

Dumas Ave. concrete project creates concern

Dumas, TX - Business owners in Dumas are voicing concerns about a project that hasn't even started, their worry is that there isn't enough information about a new road project.

What they do know is city officials and TxDOT are working on the details of putting concrete on main highway that runs through Dumas and limiting business during the process.

TxDOT officials anticipate the concrete would last about 30 years without requiring maintenance. While this may seem like a good idea, the city isn't offering any more information -- like how much it would cost, if taxpayers would be affected, and how traffic would be conducted if the main road shut down?

City commissioner and local business owner, Steve Bodnar, says the city has to consider the voice of the people.

"Some of the things we have to think about are the businesses that have no entries other than off of main street," said Bodnar. "We will have to somehow coordinate with these businesses to make sure they can get in and out and their customers can get in and out. I think we're just in the beginning stages of thinking about what we need to do."

Bodnar also says if the city moves forward with this project, they would have to move their utility lines from 1st street to 14th street. It is unclear at this time how much that would cost. The project would take about two and half years to complete.

City manager, Arbie Taylor says the concrete project is just a proposal and nothing is set in stone.

The city plans to have a public forum at the start of the year where business owners can ask questions and city officials can address their concern about this project.