Holiday grief made worse by social media

Holiday grief made worse by social media

AMARILLO, TX - One local group is offering help to people who may be grieving this holiday season.

The Hope and Healing Place is working with families on how they can cope with the loss of a loved one during the holidays.

Death can tear a family apart, but this organization uses group therapy to help them grief.

But a death in the family is not the only thing that causes grief or depression during the holiday time.

Moving far away from family and having to start new traditions of your own can be hard and extremely lonely.

A big factor making those feelings worse is social media.

Lynn Jennings, Ph.D., LPC-S, says living through your friends' and family's Facebook pages can make you feel even worse.

"It can cause guilt, it can cause grief, it can cause extreme sadness, it can cause extreme happiness by seeing everybody together," Jennings said. "But then on the flip side, the sadness again because you're not there with them, eating what you're accustomed to eating and doing the activities that you're accustomed to doing."

Becky Lozano, Program Director for The Hope and Healing Place, suggests that people alone for the holidays start new traditions.

Volunteering, she said, is a good way to spend a holiday with other people who may also be seeking companionship at that time.

The Hope and Healing Place works mainly with grieving families, but welcomes any person or group that may want counseling during the holidays.