Domestic violence incident lands an Amarillo man in jail

AMARILLO, TX - Police arrested an Amarillo man Tuesday night after receiving a call to the Texas Travel Bureau on a report of a couple fighting in a black pickup truck.

When officers arrived at the 9700 block of East I-40, they found no one in the vehicle. Responding officers then came in contact with a man on the west side of the building, who walked towards them carrying a crow bar.

After repeated verbal commands at gun point, he dropped the tool, but refused to follow officers directions to get on the ground. Enforcement officers physically restrained him, and placed him in custody.

Officers found the victim nearby who said that her boyfriend, Carlos Montoya, had held her against her will and assaulted her. She reported that he stomped on her head, and dragged her back into the truck by her hair when she tried to get away. Montoya also tried to hit her with the crowbar before the police arrived.

The victim had a cut over her eye, along with other visible injuries on her face and head. An ambulance responded to the scene, but she declined to go to the hospital.

Montoya was transported to the Potter County Detention Center and booked for aggravated assault in a domestic violence incident and unlawful restraint.