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New Pilot Travel Center may mean a boost in Vega's economy

Keila Bain, Oldham County Chamber of Commerce Director Keila Bain, Oldham County Chamber of Commerce Director

Vega, TX - A Pilot Travel Center has recently opened in Vega and officials believe it will greatly impact their economy.

The truck stop is located off I-40 and U.S. Highway 385. It has ten fueling stations and eight diesel lanes with high-speed pumps for quicker fueling. Cinnabon, PJ Fresh fast, and other truck stop favorites are located inside. The center has already hired 42 workers, and about 20 of them live in the Vega area.

Officials expect it to contribute 2.7 million dollars annually in state and local tax revenues. Oldham County Chamber of Commerce Director, Keila Bain, said  they will see an increase in their economy because the stop will draw the attention of travelers. "Anytime that we can bring in numbers of people into our community and into our county of course it's going to economically increase the monies that are flowing in and we need that in this small town," Bain said. 

Bain said the center is already bringing competition to Vega, such as competitive fuel prices. "As Pilot lowered their prices the other two businesses that were very close to them did the same," Bain said.

Despite the new competition Bain feels it will not negatively affect local businesses. She said travelers will stop at Pilot and residents will continue to mostly shop in town. However, Bain hopes those stopping at Pilot will visit downtown Vega as well. "They might come and look in our area, down by the court house or visit our local museums and some of our local businesses," Bain said. "So that's our hope that we will get more traffic in town as well with that new business in place."

Pilot is not only assisting Vega's economy they are also joining their community by sponsoring their Chamber of Commerce. 

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