Local boy to compete nationally in PPK program

Local boy to compete nationally in PPK program

Amarillo, TX - Every year, millions of youngsters nationwide compete in the NFL's Punt Pass Kick program. Over 60 participated locally, but 9-year-old Bentley Tiffin is the only one who will compete nationally from our area.

At the young age of 9-years-old, Bentley Tiffin says football is a major part of his life.

"I like the concept of tackling, being tackled and running for touchdowns," said Tiffin.

He put his skills to the test this year by participating in the PPK local competition -- a free football program offered through the city that allows kids to compete against each other in punting, passing, and place kicking.

"I think I did pretty well," said Tiffin.

He did so well that he had a combined total of 235 feet in punting, passing, and kicking in the first round of competition. Those results took him to sectionals in Lubbock, where he gained an additional 225 feet. Overall, he won the 8/9-year-old boys division and is the only participant from our area headed to Dallas, where he will compete nationally.

"I'm pretty excited and I hope I win in Dallas," said Tiffin.

PPK is the oldest NFL sponsored youth program. The city's Parks and Recreation department says they're glad to offers this opportunity to local children.

"It's very important because a lot of these kids don't have opportunities like this," said Event Coordinator for the city's Park and Recreation, Jamie Fischer. "We can have up to 100 participants each year."

Bentley will be competing with 5 other competitors in Dallas, but he says no matter what happens he still has big dreams for himself in football.

"I want to be an NFL football player, play for the Denver Broncos and have a good career," said Tiffin.

Bentley and his family head to Dallas on December 19th. Click here for more information about the PPK Program.