Dumas has plans for a new event center

Dumas has plans for a new event center

Dumas, TX -  The Dumas Chamber of Commerce is working with architects in Amarillo to build an event center. It's an idea that's been in the works for a year and while nothing is set in stone yet, the designs of what this venue will look like are now available.

The 300,000 square foot event center plans include a grand lobby, lecture and exhibit halls, an auditorium that would seat 1,500 people, an arena, and an outdoor amphitheater. The designs were met with praise from the Chamber of Commerce.

"This is a perfect site for future conventions," said CEO for the Dumas Chamber of Commerce Sam Cartwright. "We feel like we can draw a lot of conventions to Dumas with a facility like this."

Mike Running with the Economic Development Corporation says the proposed event center will grow the city's economy.

"Bringing in an event center may not be a direct immediate revenue to the city, but it's going to be a direct immediate revenue to the community at large," said Running. "So, we'll get more money being spent here, more people coming in, and get better exposure."

As of right now, there's no price tag on the new center. While the idea of an event center sounds good, some city officials aren't 100% convinced.

"In reality, we have to know what it's going to cost and how it's going to be paid for," said Dumas city commissioner Steve Bodnar. "That is a great concern to me, we're talking about spending a lot of money. 300,000 square feet is a lot of square feet. Even if we get the facility, we have to make sure we can afford to keep the doors open and the lights on."

If the venue is built, Cartwright says all the debt service can be paid through hotel occupancy tax. He also says naming rights to the center could be part of the financing.

A price on the center is expected to be set by the beginning of next year.

The center would be located on the southwest side of Dumas, near the hotels coming into town. Negotiations with landowners are still ongoing.