Harpole hopeful Sam's Club will bring more than samples and sales

Harpole hopeful Sam's Club will bring more than samples and sales

Amarillo, TX -  A new Sam's Club location is bringing 180 jobs....but also some concerns for Amarillo residents.

Lots of cheers and excitement Thursday morning, as the ribbon was cut for a new Sam's Club. But the store did not come without some difficulties.

Over the past few years, many businesses have expressed interest, but Mayor Harpole says the city was not sure how to develop West of Soncy because they did not have enough sewer lines.

But Sam's Club took action.

"They didn't do it with request, they brought us a check for over a million dollars to put in a sewer line that runs from here, all the way tying into Hillside, opening up an area for over 8500 hundred homes and businesses," says Harpole.

"We have a sister club right across town, it's one of the best in the business and we're here to continue to grow the economy and provide extra jobs for the associates. We're here just to protect the investment as well and hopefully relieve some pressure from how busy that club is from across town," says Manager Trevor Peoples.

With the sewer lines and new store in place, Harpole is hopeful for future growth in the area.

"We've got to say congratulations and we know this will go further," says Harpole. "The next time a Sam's store opens in this town, This road may be filled with businesses for another three miles and a lot more people in our town because of what they've committed to do."

With more people, comes more road traffic. Some are concerned with Soncy already being the busy street that it is, growth may make it worse.

"The traffic will be a challenge, it will be. It's very tight off of Soncy but in the future the TxDOT is working on adding another exit before Soncy for our location. I think that will relieve some pressure when it comes from I-40 west," says Peoples.